Receptive Identification

Receptive language is the comprehension of language, listening to and understanding what is being communicated.  Receptive language is an essential part of language development.  It is how children gather information about the world around them and share their personal experiences with others.  Receptive language disorders do not indicate low intelligence; in fact, many children with language disorders have above average intelligence.

Our apps give your child an opportunity to practice their comprehension skills and feel successful in a fun, interactive way.  Available exclusively through itunes and designed to work on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

ABA Receptive Identification by Noun app helps children comprehend simple instructions and practice effective listening skills.  With over 300 unique, colorful, concrete images your child will be asked with mixed and varied phrases to identify common everyday objects and people. When your child responds appropriately they are highly reinforced with verbal praise and random visual praise.

ABA Receptive Identification by Class app was created using over 350 beautiful, concrete photos presented against a non-distracting white background.  Every image has been carefully selected for its familiarity, appeal to children and developmental value.  We have added a new expressive language Q&A component to this app.  The child is asked to receptively identify an item by class then asked to (intraverbally) name additional items within that same class.