Problem Solving

What skill could be more useful than problem solving?  Of all the valuable skills your child learns at school, problem solving should be number one.  At we have developed a number of fun problem solving apps to help your child develop creative problem solving, discrimination and reasoning skills.

Our apps give your child an opportunity to practice their problem solving skills and feel successful in a fun, interactive way.  Available exclusively through itunes and designed to work on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

ABA Which Go Together?  This app is a fabulous introduction to associations and helps children develop visual discrimination skills as well as their basic understanding of different objects and events.  We’ve added a simple Q&A to the app for children to practice expressing “why” things go together.


 ABA What Rhymes?  “Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose, down by the bay…” Rhyming is a basic component of phonics and very important pre-reading skill that prepares young children for spelling and decoding words.  Teaching rhyming words in preschool and kindergarten sets a solid base for reading comprehension later on.