Flash Cards

Flash cards are vital in teaching and improving speech, language and communication. Below is a list of flash card apps created by Kindergarten.com.

ABA Alphabet Flash Card app will have your child navigating through the ABCs by pairing colorful images presented against a non-distracting white background while hearing and seeing their respective first letters. With language development in mind, we’ve included a simple Q&A at the bottom of each page encouraging children to think about other words that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

ABA Animal Flash Cards. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Even if you can’t visit the zoo in person, your child can learn that sharks are older than dinosaurs and that giraffes sleep standing up with kindergarten.com’s Animal Flash Cards. Your child will be captivated by our vivid images of over 100 animals. With early language development in mind, we’ve included a textual and audio description so your child may begin to develop and comprehend further language concepts.

ABA Food Flash Cards are a fabulous collection of over 100 every day foods. With early language development in mind, we’ve included a basic audio and textual description of each image. It’s one thing to be able to receptively identify and point to an apple but it’s another to be able to “describe” an apple. Your child should know that an apple is a fruit, it grows on a tree, it can be red, green or yellow, you can peel it, it has a stem and seeds inside.

ABA Sight Words.  The 100 most frequently used words represent over 50% of all English text. Therefore, when a child can open any book and recognize over half of the text, they can easily shift their focus to decoding more challenging words. Your child’s ability to recognize sight words drastically improves his or her reading fluency, comprehension and confidence!